Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today my neighbor had his tractor and trailer out and he was raking up pine needles!! I really needed some for around my blueberry bushes!! (they love pine needles) So I went to ask him for some of them. He brought them over and even helped me put them around the bushes!! Yay!! 

I also got to check out my strawberry plants today. They overwintered great!! There is a lot of green there!! I am hoping to have a great garden year this year!!

God Bless You!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I made this Pink Panther and Rub My Belly Kitten for two of my granddaughters
 for Valentines day. 

 The yarn was worsted weight and a really small Crochet Hook. Made them rough on the fingers. But I think they came out cute!!
I also made some Microwaveable Heating pads for my other grandchildren. I used Cotton material with hearts and chocolates printed on them. I filled them with rice and Dried Lavender flowers. They were so happy. They use them when their legs get cramps in them at night. We used to call it growing pains. I forgot to take pictures of the heating pads though.