Saturday, March 8, 2008

Knitting and Weather


Isn't this great!! This guy is crocheting in Public!!
I just love it!!

I Got my second sockdown February socks done. It seems like it took forever.
They have the Widdershins heel. It was really hard for me to do because of all the figuring I had to do by doing two socks on two circular needles instead of DPN's. But I finally got them done. The white specks on the leg is elastic. My hubby likes elastic in his socks to keep them up. I'm hoping after washing them that the elastic will not be as noticeable. I am looking into getting a different kind of elastic for socks from online. One that won't show so much.

We got SNOW!! here in Arkansas! Just a couple of inches but it is white and looks like winter.
Rosie doesn't like it much. It does look pretty though.

I am working on writing the pattern for my heart socks. Writing as I am knitting. So hopefully soon I will have it done. I am also waiting on my yarn for the Icarus shawl. They say it has been mailed. And Knit Picks finally got their needle case back in stock so I got that and a ball winder ordered. I also had to order a new size 0 circular needle because on of mine had the nickel peeling off. I sanded it to be usable and it turned gold. But it still seems to have a little rough spot on it. Only noticeable while knitting.

Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!


Jill L said...

The snow is pretty...sometimes we get snow here in Northern California, but it's been years -- too close to the Pacific. Boy, the guy on the bus had some wild outfit going on!

Violiknit said...

Wow, great pic of the guy crochetting! Your socks look fantastic; I've got to try adding elastic sometime...