Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here is some yarn that my friend Morandia dyed. She is experimenting with dyes and yarn to sell. This has 800 yards. Since I am her friend I got first choice and I just couldn't resist this yarn. It is superwash fingerling weight.
I got my Sockdown April socks done finally. Now I have cast on for the may Sockdown socks. I am going to try doing a little cable again. I seem to have troubles with them but I will try again and see.
My iris's are really doing a blooming show this year so I included a picture of them. I think all of the rain helped them bloom a lot. They are really pretty in person.
Have a great day!! God Bless You!!


KnittyGirl said...

Your Iris are beautiful!
Pretty yarn, also!!!

Bobbisox said...

I love the colors of your iris's, I miss growing them. Your gorgeous yarn is a treat to see.