Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have a couple of things done. The Afghan is done and donated to Hope Circle. As in the past there was no one there so I just left it. I guess I am just the anonymous donor. I also got one of the pairs of Purlwise Plain socks done. I am almost done with the second pair. I used fingerling weight leftover's from stash yarn. I have no idea what the yarn is. Some is acrylic and others are super wash wool. For some reason the scrap socks feel better on my feet.

Today I need to get out and hoe some more in my garden so I can get my plants in. I have only 3 tomato plants in the ground. I like to spread out newspaper under them and poke the tomato cage through it to keep it in place. it helps keep the weeds from growing close to the tomato plant and inside the cage.

Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!

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Busy Grandma Elsie said...

Love the socks. I am starting my first ever KAL socks off the Crazy Toes and Heels sock group . I need to get back to knitting for Charity too.
I have some tomatoes out , 4 plants in fact but can't set out a garden since my dear hubby died for the deer. So I have lettuce, Chives and cilantro in planters on my porch. Last year I planted green beans but only got a mess of f them...
Had to buy at farmers Market to can .
Have a blessed day
Elsie <><