Friday, June 26, 2009

New Pattern

I am working on writing a new sock pattern. It is called Cable Leaf Socks. I will post it in Ravelry when I get them done. I may have to knit another pair in a different yarn so that you can see the pattern better.

It looks like a little cable with a leaf in it. I also made some baby booties with the pattern. The booties started out as a swatch for the socks but they became baby booties thus another new pattern. You can see the pattern a lot better on the booties.
They were donated to the pregnancy center here in town. They are always needing baby booties.

If you knit or Crochet and don't belong to Ravelry, You should join. It is so handy to put your projects in there and look back and see what yarn you used and where you got it from. You can see what yarns worked well for others and what ones did not. You can also get thousabnds of patterns for free. All of my patterns so far are free. I am thinking of charging a little for a new pattern that I am developing. I have just a few of my patterns listed here on the sidebar, but there are more in Ravelry.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!

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