Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well my Nephew inherited his grandpa's little red sports car. And he asked me to knit him a scarf to wear with it. Well he lives in Texas so it is hot. Does anyone know where to find a scarf pattern that is really light weight and guy friendly. Even a lace that is guy friendly? I may have to create one and write the pattern. I was thinking of using a light weight Bamboo silk yarn for it. Something slick feeling. If you have any suggestions then let me know. Thanks!!
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!


Grandma Elsie said...

Texas... Something with cotton or bamboo will be the coolest I think.
a slim ,not wide one and silk in it ,yes so it will drape and flow in the wind.LOl
maybe slim cables in the middle and the loops ,on each end. like in our common dish cloth ,you know.K2 Yo
Elsie <><

Joansie said...

Yes, I agree with Elsie. Hope you post a pic of the scarf when completed. Your nephew, the car and the scarf...even better!

Mary said...

I will ask him for a picture after I send it to him. Thanks so much for the ideas!!
I will be sure to take a picture before I send it to him just in case he forgets to send me one.