Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well it has been a while again.... I have been so busy with garden and crocheting lately. I'm working on another shawl. I'm calling it the Queen Sarah shawl. I'm writing the pattern. I made one for my daughter Sarah for her birthday. Now I'm test knitting the pattern by making one for me. There was a lot of mistakes in it. So I am going to have to make another one to make sure there aren't too many mistakes. My grand daughter wants one. So I think I will include a little girl size into the pattern. That way it will be test knitted again. It is a crochet design with Pineapples in it. I need to get a more recent picture of it.

The blueberries are pretty much done and I have been picking blackberries like mad. I wear some gloves with plastic palms, so that I can avoid some of the stickers. I still get all stuck on my arms though. But the berries taste great!! I pulled up all the multiplier onions and chopped them up and froze them. I replanted the tops for new growth. I started weeding in my herb garden this morning. It got hot fast so I will do more in the morning. I have tomatoes coming on my vines, but they are not ripe yet. I can hardly wait to get some ripe ones. There are so many flowers that I think we will be overwhelmed with tomatoes this year. I have picked a couple of banana peppers and some JalapeƱo peppers. I had a volunteer cucumber plant come up and it has been giving us an abundant supply of cucumbers. My zucchini are just now blooming. two of the plants bit the dust and became dust. So I put in a couple of more seeds. I don't know if they will make anything. I do hope for some zucchini. I like it in kabobs.

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