Monday, June 16, 2008

I got the Spidey mittens done. Gave them to my grandson. Now I am working on some Flip Flop socks for my granddaughter. They look like they are too big but when I try them on her feet they seem to be just slightly big on her. Her feet are growing so fast.
I write down sizes in a little notebook for family member's socks and her feet are 1 and a half inches longer than they were the last time I made her a pair of socks. These Flip Flop socks are an entry for the sockdown in Ravelry. They are a do your own pattern. I am writing the pattern as I go along. I will upload it to Ravelry when I get done with it.
As far as the garden, I finally got it planted. It is quite late this year but we have a really long season. My blueberries are ready and I have been picking bowlfuls of them. I need to get out there this morning and pick some.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!

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