Monday, March 16, 2009

Knitting and Spring

I have been busy still knitting. I made some fingerless gloves for my grandchildren. I have a picture of one of them here.

I have started to design another pair of socks. I put them in my bloomin Almond tree to show spring has arrived here in Arkansas.
I don't know what to name the pattern yet. Waiting to see a little more what they are going to look like. For now they look like W's. I am using some leftover yarns in my stash to make these, so the toes and the heels will be a different color than the rest of the socks.
The city is finally getting all the branches picked up from our terrible Ice storm. You can actually drive down the road without worrying that you are going to hit a tree branch. Some branches however are still hanging precariously above the roads. You drive under praying it doesn't come down on top of you. I know that spring and summer will heal most of the damage done.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!Mary


Jill L said...

Love th pattern of the socks you have in the tree and can't wait for you to publish/sell it!

Busy Grandma said...

Glad I found you.Its been a long time since I read your blog .I'm from yahoo... I am in the progress of using Bloggers so hope to read your blog more often again.

Mary said...

So glad you found me!! Are you in Ravelry too?

Busy Grandma said...

I have joined ravely but not done a thing with it yet..
Trying to get my blog going and change over from yahoo to Bloggers
Plus keeping up with all the grandkids games etc.
Elsie <><