Friday, September 10, 2010

I got my granddaughter's Shawl done! Here is a picture of her with the Shawl and the hat that I made her on.
I also finished an Afghan for Hope Circle. It was a granny square one. I used up some yarn in it that I considered ugly. But it came out good in the squares.
Now I am starting a new Afghan for Hope Circle. It is an Alligator one. I am making different color Alligator scarfs and putting them together to make it an Afghan. It will be nice for a little boy that needs cheering up. I may end up in our local newspaper, because they came to the Hope Circle group last night and took pictures of all the ladies making things for the terminally ill patients. She took a lot of pictures of the alligators. I think she was intrigued by them and their texture.

On the garden scene. My tomato plants look like a flower garden again. Hopefully they will make a few tomatoes before frost. We have gotten very few tomatoes this year so far. I planted some cucumber seeds and the plants are growing good. Hopefully they have time to make some cucumbers before frost too. My newspaper with grass clippings on top are doing a good job of keeping the weeds at bay. Much better than trying to keep up with them otherwise.
We haven't had much rain this summer. but I think last night made up for it. We had torrential rain. I was knitting at Barnes and Noble when it hit. I figured it was the best place to wait out the storm. At least I was dry!!

Have a great day!!
God Bless you!!


Joansie said...

The shawl is beautiful and so is the granddaughter.

I knitted the aligator scarf and it is so much fun. It's my grandson's favorite.

Mary said...

Thank you so much!!

The alligator scarf is fun. But I am a bit tired of it now. :o)