Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am almost done with my Sea Dreams Socks. I have two other patterns in mind already. One is the Scarf for my Nephew and the other is the Hat he wants me to make him. I think on the scarf I will do a sort of Chevron lace in the middle with a small cable down each side and eyelets on the outside edge. I am still trying to decide how far apart to put the Chevrons so that they look more manly, and not too lacy.
I am still waiting on the yarn for the scarf to come in. What I ordered for the hat has already arrived.

On the Gardening front. My garden is producing an abundance of Zucchini and Cucumbers. My tomato plants look great despite the rainy weather. They have green tomatoes on them. It will still be a while before I get some ripe ones. My Butternut Squash is trying to take over the whole garden. They are growing in the tomato cages with the tomatoes. They took over the beans and they are trying to take over the eggplants too. I saw that there are little squashes coming on them. One of my Tomato plants had a horn worm on it. He is squished now. If it becomes much of a problem I will take my little bottle of Diatomacious Earth and sprinkle it on the plants. It usually takes good care of it and doesn't have a poisoning affect on us like other non-organic bug killers. I will have to go out and get a good picture of my garden when it isn't raining so much.

Have a great day!!
God Bless you!!

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Grandma Elsie said...

Your socks are pretty.
I want to see a picture of your garden. I miss mine so much and have to buy from the farmers Market to can.
Elsie <><