Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I finished the Watch Cap Lite. I named it this because it is made with a lighter yarn and can be used in the warmer climates in the winter. I made it for my nephew Lance, who lives in Texas.
Yesterday my granddaughter wanted something made for her kitten. She found yarn with a kitten on the band so she figured this yarn was for kitty things. So I made a little square blankie for her. She sure comes up with ways to help me burn up my stash.
I also started the Sports Car Scarf for my nephew Lance. The yarn that I am using on it is Patton's Silk Bamboo. It sure is soft and nice and drapes well.
Another Item that I got finished are bunny slippers for my Grandson. This month has been quite productive. I still need to get some of my patterns together. I have a couple of people to test knit my Sea Dreams socks. I haven't had any takers on the Corn on the Cob socks yet. It may be a deterrent by the fact that they are done on the purl side instead for the knit side.
I'm baking a cake for my Son in Law today for his Birthday. The timer is going off so I have to go for now.
Have a great day!!
God Bless you!!

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