Monday, September 21, 2009


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... La La la la

Our Chestnut trees are really over producing this year! We are also feeding the local deer. because there are deer tracks under one of the trees. You can see where they were stomping the hulls off of the nuts. I had to look online to find some recipes to try out. My husband roasted some in the oven and he said they were great! Of course he did it while I was gone and ate them all! :) I want to figure out how to make Chestnut Flour with some of them. Chestnut flour pancakes are great. We pick up nuts off the ground one day. Then you look and the next day there are just as many as you picked up the day before. These pictures are just from one picking!

On the knitting scene: I am knitting some fingerless gloves for my Pastor's wife. I am designing them as I go. I will be putting the pattern up in Ravelry soon. They will have a lacy leaf pattern on the back of the hand. I have seen that there is not very many lace mitts patterns out there. So I may just have to design a few more of them.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!


Grandma Elsie said...

I too have chestnut s falling. I love to eat them after they have ripened a week after falling. I also have stored them in my refrigerator and keep them untill after the new year. They don't get wormy eithr. My mother used to roast them in the oven and boil them as well but I just like them raw.
I joined Raverly but have had no time to visit it .Maybe this winter

Jill L said...

No chestnuts on the west coast. I hope you find many wonderful recipes to use up your bounty!