Friday, October 26, 2007

I decided to put the yarn wrappers with my pictures as a way of seeing what yarn I used to make what projects.
I saw the picture of the lady that had four pairs of socks on two circular needles and it challenged me to try to do two pair at a time, just to see if I could. When I get to the heels I will repost a picture to show how I do all the heels at the same time. I use stitch holders and I only have enough holders to do two pair. My needles are 32" size 2 circular needles so they could only hold two pair too, I hope. The Panda cotton is so soft it slips easily down the cable. It also seems to split very easily. But it is soooo soft that I know it will feel good on my feet.

Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!


Jill said...
That is my blogger account. Yhooo is getting unpredictable, so I have 2 .. I have your linked so now I can Sta in touch. Jill

Bobbisox said...

I can stack my socks at the same time, but when it comes to the heels, then I split them out and work the heels and then put them back on . I love my 32 inch needles for the magic loop for one or two socks, but longer ones for the multiple socks.

Bethany said...

I've never tried more than a sock at a time. I'm very impressed. Are you knitting the Tofutoosies on size two needles? I was pretty dissappointed with how thin it was. Is it working out for you?

Mary said...

I have the Tofutoosies on size 1 needles. as my size 2 ones are tied up with the two other socks. The yarn does seem to be thin and seems to split a lot. I will see how they wash up as I am almost done with them.

O/C Knitiot Designs said...

I had to do a double take to make sure I was seeing all those socks on one needle!
You go girl!!