Monday, January 21, 2008

Conference Socks and more

These are the socks that I worked on while on my Conference trip with my Church. It took 5 hours to get there so I spent it knitting. We had a great time at the Conference. My Church was the wildest ones there. We always are. Jumping up and down praising the Lord. We did have a great time!

These are my sockdown January socks. I have some mess ups in the lace. I am just learning lace so I'm leaving it. I hate trying to pick up stitches after frogging a part. So onward I go.

Here is Where I am on my Crazy Socks made from scrap sock yarn. They are coming along too. I so much want to get all of these projects done. It is almost overwhelming to have them all three calling to me.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!

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Jill L said...

more inof on this blog so I am posting agian --- love all your socks. you have been busy. I still need to finish my Jan socks for Sock-a-Month 5. I'd better hurry!