Monday, January 14, 2008

Star Afghan

I got the star afghan done! Ready now to send to my Niece.

As you can see Rosie had to just hop up there and get into the picture. It really surprised me because she is scared of clicking sounds. Maybe the camera has a different kind of click. That or she thinks the Afghan is hers. Anyway now I am back to knitting my crazy socks and my sockdown January socks. I am going to a Conference with my Church this weekend so I may put another sock on the needles that has some mindless knitting to it. Get some knitting done in the hotel between services and on the 5 hour trip. I have just too many ideas of all the thing I want to make and I just know that I can't do them all at once like I want to. I knit one thing thinking oh I want to knit that other thing. What a mind full of projects I have. Hmmm.

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Jill L said...

Another great aftgan! Is the dog settling in with you all OK?

Did you joing SAM5?