Saturday, January 5, 2008



I got my Yarn Swift in the mail yesterday!! I think it is really cute. I wanted one that didn't clamp to a table. I want to order a ball winder and a new zippered needle case from Knit Picks but they are out of stock. The needle case won't be there till Feb. 5th. I already have one but it is bursting at the seams with my Options needles in it and all my other circular needles in it too. So I plan to get another and use one for the Options and the other for the Circular needles.

Above are the socks that I started using leftover sock yarns. I will probably have to make several pairs to use up all of the leftovers that I have.
I am also planning on trying the January Mystery sock in Ravelry Sock knitters anonymous. I ordered my yarn today for it. I have never done the lace before so this will be new to me.

Above is the hat that I am making for my son. He had one that I made years ago but lost it at College and now that it is cold he really misses that warm hat. So I am quickly trying to get another one knitted up for him.

Have a great day!!
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...dotty... said...

I noticed that they were no longer including the zippered case with the nickel plated Options needles, so I looked for it separately on their site. When I didn't see it, I figured they had discontinued it, and that lots of people were going to be very disappointed. I hope they DO restock it, as you've glad they listen to requests, and came out with the longer fixed circulars. Now, I just have to search the couch cushions for enough moolah to place an order !

Mary said...

I found on their website here
that it will be available on February 5th.

Joansie said...

I have the same yarn swift and I love it. My daughters bought it for me for Christmas. Long story on what happened to the other one. Perhaps I'll blog about it someday!