Monday, October 11, 2010

I am working on more Alligator scarfs. People that see them seem to be amazed by them. I have just about memorized most of the pattern now.

These pink ones have Bling in them. There is a silver thread in the yarn. I saw some of this yarn in black and I am wondering what an Alligator scarf in that would look like. I am thinking this will be an alligator Christmas this year. I can make one up in three or four days. They are easy enough to knit while watching my favorite NCIS shows.
I really like NCIS mostly because the setting and the towns that they talk about is in the area where I grew up!
On the garden scene. We had two nights with frost already. It is early. The frost damaged the cucumber and Cantaloupe plants. So parts of them are dieing off. But it didn't harm any of the tomato plants and they have a lot of green tomatoes coming on. Hope they get ripe. I am really ready for a lot of nice ripe tomatoes. Haven't had hardly any all summer. I picked a canteloupe today. It was small but seemed to be ripe. We have had some heated weather this week. It was back in the 90's. But a cool front is supposed to come in tonight and we will be back in the 70's.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!

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