Friday, November 16, 2007

Lion Bran Chenille

I made a nice sweater out of the Lion Brand Chenille Yarn. Well when I washed and dried it, it became very loopy. The yarn stretched or something and made loops all through it. Now I think I should frog it and make something else with the yarn. It felt very soft and good but it looks terrible so I don't wear it. I don't even know what I could make with the yarn. If I made a blanket then it would probably do the same thing. I just can't figure out what this yarn would be good for. Hmmm

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William said...

Hi, I believe that's called worming, and all you have to do is pull it here and there, and it should go back to it's origninal shape.
I was told to do this with the Chenille scarves I've made, and it really does go back.
Best of Wishes

William said... wife.