Monday, November 26, 2007


I started a new project. My husbands family makes each other Christmas Ornaments or Decorations for Christmas instead of presents. Here is my Ornament that I am making for this year. I will have to make several of them but this is my very first one. I used some wire that my husband had out in his shop to make the little hanger. It is a neat little way to use some scraps of yarn too. I bet this little sweater will also fit a Barbie doll. I used Worsted Weight yarn and size 4 needles. They are knit in the round from the top down. Since I want to make me some top down sweaters, this gives me a little practice before starting. I found the pattern on the internet. I first saw them in Ravelry. But I don't know what web page the pattern was on. I copied and pasted it in my personal patterns folder on my computer.

Here is a picture of my first completed Stole for one of my daughters.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!!


Bethany said...

That little sweater is so cute! And what a good idea to practice a technique all small before making a whole person sized sweater!

Emma said...

So cute. I love wee little knits!

Tikkunknitter said...

Though I'm Jewish, I also knit ornaments for Christian friends for the holidays. This year all my gifts are peace-oriented, so you might want to consider looking at the miniature sweaters needed for the Red Sweater Project (, and the gorgeous felted cranes in the KnitNot War 1,o0o Project ( The felted fortune cookes (
also make wonderful ornaments, decorated and filled with a special new year proverb.
Happy Holidays!!

Knittingloca said...

ooh ooh ooh I love the sweater!!!! Where do I find the pattern???